• #940, Linares Street
  • Between Sagarnaga & Tarija


What time are we back?

It depends on the group but we are usually back in La Paz around 6pm.

How much time do we spend actually riding/skiing?

Again this depends on each person, their fitness level and how hard they want to push it.  Usually we get to the top around 10am and have the whole day on the glacier just to ourselves.  If you want to push it hard you can get 5 runs in or you can hand out in the park bowl area and practice tricks/jumps, etc.

Is this ok for beginners?

Our guides have worked many years training and teaching beginners to the sport.  They can help you feel comfortable and give you lots of personalized attention to help you reach your next level.  This is not a groomed slope and we do have to deal with the natural conditions of a high altitude glacier so sometimes the conditions are not optimal. 

Do you go every day?

We can go every day as long as the conditions on the mountain allow and there are at least 2 people signed up to go!

What happens if the conditions are poor?

We still go for a ride.  Unfortunately we cannot control the weather or conditions on the mountain and therefore cannot be held responsible.  Even in poor conditions we will work our hardest to ensure you have a great day on the mountain.

How big are the groups?

We try to keep our groups small to be able to deliver high service to each person on the trip.  They are normally from 2-6 people.  We will not take groups of more than 12. And always bring a second guide when groups are bigger than 5.

Do your guides speak English?

Our guides speak English and Spanish.